Bright Like The Sun

A Gatewalker’s Story

Log Line

A simple Burmese boy in a rural village is soon to reveal he is no ordinary child.


Kaung Myat Htun (gong mee-at toon translating from Burmese into ‘great’, ‘sacred’, ‘bright’), is a Gatewalker living in stealth (a human with the ability to walk through stargates). A traditionally obedient boy in a family of humble tailors, no-one would ever know his DNA is coded to the gate he protects just meters underground. We are taken on an adventure of golden pagodas and good deeds in this relatively unknown and undeveloped part of the world. 



A Gatewalker is a panclaira ability to walk through stargates similar to the romantic theory of string theory. Gatewalkers have their DNA coded to gates and can travel through them, a bit like that scene from Contact with Jodi Foster, only upside down 🙂 There are many types of gate on the planet including wormholes, passages and portals. Are you a gatewalker?

Film Reviews

How Was This Film Made?

Bright Like The Sun is Thida’s first fiction; an experimental blend of documentary and fantasy produced on a micro-budget.

The story came together through co-creation between herself and the locality she filmed in; a refuge in the undeveloped country of Myanmar. 

Here she met her young star, and feeling inspired to create a film, soon faced challenges with time, power wattage and equipment. Yet, refusing to give up, an opportunity to grow her incredibly fluid process revealed, and an intimate relationship between subject and filmmaker birthed the film, Bright Like The Sun.

The film is symbolic for many reasons. For instance, working in a guerrilla fashion being Thida’s truest form, so needed in the environment in which she shot. Also the unpredictable turn of events just months after filming, which contrasts the sublime nature of Kuang Myat Htun and his life, elevating his story. 

The film became the first in a series of intended films of superhero children around the world, with a deep pull towards elevating young characters to otherworldly status and realms, whatever their fate down here may appear to be.

  • Andrea Caudana | Sound Design
  • Khin Phone Myat Thu | Translator
  • Ludovic Balloux | Aerial Camera
  • Thida Nathalie | Director & Camera

Meet The Post Production Creatives

Bright Like The Sun Supports Children In Thabarwa Orphanage, Myanmar

Money Raised So Far


With up to 150 children under five dying each day from lack of healthcare, food and shelter, and many of them victims of war and circumstance, the Thabarwa centres are considered the only life-line for many, and can be compared to ‘social services’ in the under-developed country. Our little star of Bright Like The Sun, Kaung Myat Htun, lives minutes away from the orphanage itself.

Thabarwa orphanage exists solely on donations and volunteering, whereby care for the most vulnerable of children through clothing, feeding, medical care and shelter takes place.

The girls you see in these pictures are villagers that may have become pregnant through rape or trafficking (abortion is not socially accepted, safe nor affordable); the children have become orphans due to civil conflict or untreated illness or disease.

Some of the women are volunteers who believe in caring for the children or may come to assist in exchange for food before returning to their village close by.

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Every penny you give us goes to Thabarwa Orphanage 
in the country of Myanmar.

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