As well making visually stimulating, high-frequency films that present an alternative view to ‘different’ children (neurodiverse or non-conformist children), each film holds the intention to give back to a children’s organizations in the communities they were filmed.


Help Complete And Distribute Our Films.

After initial investments in pre-production (story) and production (filming), we reach out to our supporters for backing in post- production (editing, sound, VFX and distribution) as these requirements can grow costly.

We are currently raising for Auria Rides Time, a film about an autistic girl who discovers her mission is to time travel in order to save the world from a mass destruction about to occur.

(Please note, unless requested otherwise, all our funders are dully credited as part of our post-production team.)


Help Give Back To Children in Local Communities.

Once our film is circulating on the film festival circuit, we share our mission via private and public screenings, talks, director q&as and editorials (ie. neurodiversity in kids) and collect donations accordingly.

Any overspill of funds raised in stage one are now joined to these funds before documenting how and why they are distributed.

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