The Prequel

Log Line

Earth shares its history of multidimensional wars and the children with the only power to save it from destruction.


Cataclysmic events due to attempts of cosmic takeover, hundreds of thousands of years of linear-time-ago, have brought Earth to its knees. Will the worldly dramas, remnants of the forgotten energy wars, condemn Earth to entropy till space-dust-return, or can memories of a disconnected past be rightfully returned in order to activate the DNA of its inhabitants and release them from their re-incarnational prison?


How Was This Film Made?

InfinEights – The Prequel, was written as a poem describing some key events in Earth’s history, as told in the Voyagers I and II books.

The first step was to work with three story consultants to select scenes that would depict and compress these key events into watchable, understandable acts, through words and pictures, which took months and writing and re-writing.

After a few experimental medias, the director decided to tell the story with 2d animation that layered the narrative poem, and found a young, South American animator to realize the vision in a unique, black and white, rare line-drawing type of animation.

Once the animation was complete, a composer was asked to create a cinematic score to compliment the story, and the animation was complete. Believe it or not, this composition was then recorded using a live orchestra.

Finally, the team shot the opening scene of the ‘non-terrestrial reader’ using a greenscreen and some VFX to blend into the overall three-minute short film.

  • Roy Alejandro Scoop Arango | Animator
  • Lars Hempel | Composer
  • Nick Charity | Cinematographer
  • Mat Currie | VFX
  • Thida Nathalie | Writer & Director 
  • Diego Roa, Rheana Jackson, Igor Gontcharov, Ari Rishi | Story Consultants
Roy Alejandro Scoop Arango
My name is Roy Socop I'm a Guatemalan 2d animator and concept artist working for animation production, advertisement and video game development, interested in cultural and historical projects and passionate about animation and video games. In this opportunity, I worked on animation scenes for the film "InfinEights - The Prequel and Bright Like The Sun" which was really fun to animate as I had a lot of freedom in the artistic process of each scene. I am really happy to see how far all that teamwork has gone around the world.
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Lars Hempel
As a child in Hamburg, Germany I was tortured with constant piano lessons that seemed to go on for hours on end. In an attempt to musically rebel against Bach I began beatboxing and creating remixes to Mozart's work, constantly performing my renditions and ultimately leading me towards my love affair with music composition. Music became my passion and I was determined to explore all of its facets.
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Nick Charity
Name 3 of your favourite cinematographers and why? Everyone's favourite is Roger Deakins for his sheer mastery, he's a textbook in how to tell a story with images alone. Also Christopher Doyle, who does Wong Kar Wai's films, and 'Hero'. His is a milky, sweaty, visceral style. I wish I could shoot films like that. I'd have to go and do some research to think of a third... Whoever does Bong Joon Ho's films is... *chef's kiss*.
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